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What some of Kathy's Clients have to say about her Readings - some honest, genuine comments & testimonials.

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“Kathy is incredibly astute and the outcome of her readings are eerily accurate!”

Donald, Hong Kong

“Careful, Kathy's addictive. She is proof of the other world. I love her. Can't live without her.”

Alan, Singapore

“I can't recommend Kathy enough. She is one of the best psychic readers ever. Well spoken and very accurate. I always look forward to her readings as she is honest and very insightful!”

Caroline, Hong Kong

“Speechless!!! This was my first time reading with this amazing woman and it will not be the last! I pride myself on having my own psychic abilities but realize that we can't read for ourselves. Too often we doubt our emotions & are unable to be that objective in what we think we see or know. She accurately described the situation I was in & hit that nail on the head on many other issues. Kathy not only let me know what was coming up, but gave amazing advice on how to deal with it. She's so joyful, positive and full of life! It is like nattering to your best friend!”

Sandra, Hong Kong

“Kathy is the best! Every time I contact her about anything she is right on the money. She has brought clarity to my life about so many things. Thanks so much.”

Polly, Hong Kong

Loretta Ng, Hong Kong

May 2016

“Kathryn has been my psychic consultant for over 15 years.  A masterful psychic reader, I am always attracted to her extraordinary quality and spirituality.  The results of her readings are always inspirational and enlightening.  Kathryn also possesses a special talent of reading personal belongings with amazing predictive results.” 


Kathy Ma & Loretta Ng - Hong Kong - January 2016

“I have know Kathryn for over 10 years the same as Loretta does.  She is an amazing woman as she seems to know everything even before we ask.  It is like a magical and karmic journey through her that I found my beautiful, lovely and faithful wife.  Her channeling abilities among different planes are something rare that are hard to come by.

Kathy Ma, Loretta Ng & Lawrence Hung - Hong Kong - January 2016

Lawrence Hung, Hong Kong

May 2016

“I had a reading with Kathy a few months ago & it was a wonderful, thought provoking & insightful experience. She is one of the warmest, most friendly, nurturing and inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Kathy has given me much to think about as I work to change and improve my life. Her acquaintance is a real blessing. Many thanks!!”

Jenny, Hong Kong

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