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Kathryn Ma

Where Life Transformations Happen

Kathy is a world-renowned and internationally respected Psychic, and has been performing Psychic readings for over 20 Years. She is also the current co-host of the Internet radio show “Adventures into Reality” airing Monday afternoons on Revolution Radio.


While living in Hong Kong for the majority of her life, Kathy was recognized by many publications, including Time Magazine, as one of Asia’s top psychics.  Currently living in the USA, she is bringing her clarity and insightfulness to a new base of clients.  Kathy is fluent in both English and Cantonese. 

Being a Psychic Reader basically means Kathy can tell you what is going on in all realms of your life: past, present and future.  She believes we need to focus on the present and immediate future so we can make informed choices to avoid negative situations. Once we are empowered with knowledge – we have a lot of choices.  We no longer are subject to the whimsy of “random chance,” but rather in certain matters, are able to make informed choices to help us take control. 

Kathy is a caring, supportive, encouraging, uplifting, thought provoking and understanding psychic. In order to best help you, Kathy believes it is very important to build a relationship based on trust, integrity and confidentiality.  Getting a reading with her is like talking to an old friend over a cup of tea...…one who does not judge, but will listen intently to what you have to say. Nothing is considered trivial, and Kathy will reach into your life and truth to relay to you what she sees. Kathy will give you honest and direct answers, while helping you find the right course of action for everything that you do.

Kathy will get to the root of any issue and assist you in releasing the pain that uncertainty is causing you.  No matter how complicated it may seem, Kathy can untangle the mess.


Kathy is extremely accurate in her predictions and has helped many people from all walks of life move forward in all types of situations and relationships.  Her advice helps you by recognizing the blockages that exist in your current situation. Often after the blockages are recognized, you can achieve your desired results.  In all situations, a lot depends on what lies in store for you, not necessarily what you want to compel the Universe to give you :  )


Reiki Master

Kathy is a Reiki Master. Reiki is a healing energy that is channelled through a person and directed through one’s hands to facilitate the healing process of yourself or another. She also teaches Reiki classes. Reiki I - which is a hands-on healing level, and Reiki II - which is sending Reiki over distance.


Watsu Practitioner
Kathy is also a Watsu Practitioner. Watsu is a very relaxing form of water therapy where she and the water support you while you lie & relax in the water. She uses movement with your body to achieve results such as flexibility within the body and the freeing up of the spine.

Who are Kathy’s Clients?

Her Clients come from all walks of life and have included the likes of CEOs, celebrities, and heads of entertainment studios. “High profile” or not – it makes no difference to her. In the end we are all the same – all individuals with the similar hopes, desires, ideals and pursuits.

If you are seeking answers, needing clarity, desiring inner peace, and are receptive to being empowered by the information she can give, then you are ready to contact Kathy.

How can Kathy help?

Over the years Kathy has been privileged to support her Clients through some of life’s greatest challenges from medical diagnosis, struggling relationships to start-up companies needing direction. No matter where you are on your path, Kathy is here to assist you to achieve more and transform your mind, body & soul...

Kathy’s goal with every Client:

Kathy wants to provide you with information that’s going to help you on your path to empowerment.  Helping you to make healthy decisions, Kathy provides a safe, comfortable, non-judgemental, compassionate space for her Clients to share their concerns.  She will delve deeply into all the best steps to help you move forward in your life’s journey in the most positive way possible.

Kathy’s specialities are Corporate, Business, Career and Personal arenas. The areas of expertise and types of subjects Kathy can cover are:

Kathy addresses questions such as:
Is there a new job out there for you? Or are you better off staying where you are? Is a Career change at the moment a good idea? How do I write a vision & plan for a successful business for myself? Is your Boss planning to promote you? What pitfalls should you look out for? What are the chances of getting a bonus this year? Is work-life balance achievable? How can I work with difficult people? After receiving a job offer - how do I decide if the potential Company is in-line with my values?


Career Topic examples:

  • Career fulfilment – current & future paths of career development

  • Discovering your sense of purpose within your Career

  • Career changes – how to negotiate & navigate them

  • Salary negotiations

  • Transitioning into retirement

  • Pre & post interview questions

  • New hires within your organization - evaluating candidates for a potential position, Company meetings & business deals negotiations

  • Inter-office politics 

  • How to effectively delegate within your organization or Company, so that you can focus more effectively on your business

  • What to do when you find out you’ve been passed over for a promotion

Personal Finance
Kathy addresses questions such as:
Can I afford a new apartment? Will I be able to save enough money for my wedding next year? How can I save money for my children’s college fund? Do I have enough money to quit my job & start a new business? Which bill should I pay first? How can I accumulate enough money to pay my mortgage? How do I attract abundance in prosperity? What is stopping me from attracting financial abundance right now?


Personal Finance Topic examples:

  • Financial Stress

  • Corporate Readings - this can incorporate going to offices & doing readings for companies as an entity or for individuals regarding business related matters

  • Project planning – such as your own home remodelling and / or purchases   

  • Personal Asset inventory - discovering your strengths, obstacles, passions and developing a strategy to assist you in your goals

  • Discovering how to negotiate changes in your finances

  • Utilizing the law of attraction & planning how to effectively use it to your advantage

  • Mastering personal spending 



Life, Destiny & Meaning
Kathy addresses questions such as:
Is it possible to be truly happy? Where does your time go? How can I be more efficient with time? Is it possible for me to create a balanced life? How do I create a life plan? How can I create a self-care routine? What’s the best way to increase my personal standards? What limiting beliefs are holding me back in life? What values help me to be a balanced person? What life lessons have I learnt so far? What brings joy to you in your life? What are the big transitions in life and how do they affect you? What choices do you make in the process of change?


Life, Destiny & Meaning Topic examples:

  • Embracing Change / Getting unstuck - Find and reconnect to your joy and passion, get back on your desired life path

  • Spirituality

  • Life Coaching

  • Personal Transformation

  • Life’s Purpose

  • What lessons have you learned along the way?

  • Discovering passion in your everyday life & being proactive to fuel it on a daily basis

  • How to plan ahead so that you’re proactive, rather than reactive

  • Realizing your full potential – discovering your personal strengths, and exploring simple   & easy tools you can use in your daily life to help you realize your full potential

  • Creating a wonderful balance in your life

  • Overview of where your time goes & how to utilize time for effectively

  • Discovering opportunities for growth

  • How to stay motivated for weight loss & fitness

  • Increasing your confidence & self esteem

  • Building your inner strength 

  • Exploring how to become more motivated & feeling more fulfilled


Love, Relationships & Family
Kathy addresses questions such as:
Why do I always attract dysfunctional relationships? Am I ever going to find rewarding romantic love? Why can’t I have a more healthy relationship with my Mother? Why does my Brother always pick on me? Am I destined to have no close friends? Why do I keep going back to someone who is so abusive? Am I addicted? Will I ever have children? What have I done that makes my child so disrespectful to me?


Love, Relationship & Family Topic examples:

  • Finding romantic love that can blossom into a lifetime of rewarding emotions

  • Breakups / Divorce – discovering ways to cope with the change & reclaiming your own personal power

  • Exploring your own expectations & pre-conceived ideas of love & discover if you have realistic expectations

  • Rekindling the romantic love relationship & exploring re-discovering each other

  • Understanding your love partner’s feelings & emotions – spoken or unspoken

  • Sibling / Parental issues

  • Strengthening relationships & emotional bonds between boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, grandparents, parents and children, relatives, Co-workers and friends. Exploring ways to alleviate concerns & stress arising from these relationships

  • Creating loving & supportive relationships

  • Gain clarity within your own love relationship to gain understanding & improve the fulfillment of attaining both your & your significant other’s personal needs

  • Discovering who you truly are at your core & understanding what kind of emotions you need to feel fulfilled

  • Find understanding in past relationships & the purpose they served

  • Achieving great relationships with all who touch your life



Now you can delve into the life-changing insights you can receive from Kathy by contacting her through her contact page.

Kathy is only a phone call, Skype or email away, so please don’t wait any longer! 

Contact Kathy today!

Email here now for a booking, pricing query or Menu of Services 

Tel: +1 (704) 906-9863

                 Skype: mistydragon888                

Kathy Ma
Entrepeneur Creator

Kathy has amazing insight into the World of Business. Let her share some words of wisdom with you over any business ventures you have in mind. Her honest, attentive & inspirational words will assist you in changing your life.

Kathryn Ma - Inspiring Psychic - Hong Kong
Kathy Ma
Life Changer

For those of you who want to make positive changes your lives – Kathy assists you in harnessing your mental, spiritual & emotional aspects. Just the same as you would use a personal trainer to improve your physical exercise & overall health, Kathy walks you through your transformational processes & encourages you to take action to embrace the Life Changer within you.

Kathy Ma
Reiki Master
Kathy Ma
Feng Shui consultant
Kathy Ma - Hong Kong's Phenomenal Psychic

Kathy uses her knowlege of Feng Shui to enhance your lives & assist you in attaining your goals.
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese modality & way of life. It empowers you to improve every aspect of your life – it ranges from topics such as your health, financial wealth, academic success, relationships, love, family, career advancement and more. It encompasses all in your life. The use of Feng Shui enhances your environment according to principles of harmony and energy flow. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your environment — and your relationship with it — are constantly affecting you. Feng Shui techniques teach you how to ply & change your everyday environment - so as you can achieve your goals more effectively & with greater ease.
Kathy is teaming up again with Feng Shui Master Luk after 15 years to bring the knowledge & skills of Feng Shui to all our lives.

Kathy is a Reiki Master. Reiki is a healing energy that is channelled through a person and directed through one’s hands to facilitate the healing process of yourself or another.

She also teaches Reiki classes. Reiki I - which is a hands-on healing level, and Reiki II - which is sending Reiki over distance.

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Disclaimer: *A psychic is never a substitute for the care of a licensed physician, veterinarian or psychological counsellor. Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. Please consult an attorney for legal matters, a physician for physical ailments and a credentialed mental health professional for mental and emotional concerns. Results will vary. Your satisfaction is not guaranteed.*

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