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House of Energy - Asia's No.1 Psychic Kathy Ma & Feng Shui Master Luk
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International Psychic Kathy Ma & Feng Shui Master Luk - January 2016

Feng Shui
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Kathy Ma & Feng Shui Master Luk


Kathy is teaming up again with Feng Shui Master Luk after 15 years to bring the knowledge & skills of Feng Shui to all our lives.

One big difference between the team of Kathy & Master Luk and other Feng Shui Masters is that their Spiritual understanding of the Universe & it's energies. They combine energy with Feng Shui. 

They also combine the use of crystals with Feng Shui. They use the crystals to assist in the attraction of good fortune & harmonize your desired venue - be it home, office or shop - with good positive energy. They take into account your Electro-magnetic fields in your environment & it's effects on you - it is directly correlated with your health.

Harmony of the elements with attention on getting fresh air into your home and your compatibility of colors is very important too. They guide you to understand the importance of lighting to help prosperity. They manage to skillfully incorporate various “New Age” type concepts with the traditional version of Feng Shui so as to complement modern day living.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese modality & way of life. It empowers you to improve every aspect of your life – it ranges from topics such as your health, financial wealth, academic success, relationships, love, family, career advancement and more. It encompasses all in your life.

The use of Feng Shui enhances your environment according to principles of harmony and energy flow. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your environment — and your relationship with it — are constantly affecting you. Feng Shui techniques teach you how to ply & change your everyday environment - so as you can achieve your goals more effectively & with greater ease.



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